About Us

Around 10 years ago now, we constructed our own pizza oven for home use, with ‘donated’ fire bricks, and ceramic insulation.

It didn’t take long to become proficient at cooking pizza and an array of other items in the oven, and we learned the benefits of cooking with these type of ovens.

Then, we realised we could make ovens for other people, and eventually a business developed.

Having a background in the masonry trades, and in particular solid plastering, led us to design and build the ovens you see today, with the help of engineers, and people in the kilning industry.

Our goal

Is to ensure the ovens are built ‘correctly’ so they hold their heat and work as they should. This means using purpose-made fire bricks and mortar, and ceramic fibre insulation.

The addition of a thick layer of insulating plaster based on lime  helps further. But this is where we like to add a little ‘excitement’ to the deal – something to grab your attention, making a visually stimulating piece for your outdoor area.

We are happy to work with individual customers to provide an oven customised to  requirements. We can also help construct  a stand / platform for an oven to sit on.

Shipping, Viewing

A 750mm diameter oven weighs about 600kg. We can arrange for shipping and hi-ab hire, or leave it to the customer. And finally there is an array of tools and accessories we can supply as well.

If you’d like to come and view, and talk about the ovens, please contact us on the form provided. We are based in Te Puke.

So, is there a space waiting in your outdoor area?…maybe a Crafted Oven is for you!